We initiated the entrepreneurial journey by starting an IEDC under the mentorship of TTBI, Trivandrum. As a result of this great beginning, many of our students have come up with new innovative ventures. Also we have filed number of patent applications through KSCSTE. Presently, we are one of the best performing IEDCs under DST. To realise the inspiration and enthusiasm of our student community into marketable products, it is essential to scale up the IEDC to the level of TBI.


  • Creation of Technology-Based incubates on continuous basis
  • Help to create value-added jobs and services
  • Introduction of Entrepreneurial culture to the students and common people.
  • Create effective networking for the development of technology based start-ups
  • Develop internationally accepted technologies
  • Promote students to come up with commercially viable curriculum projects
  • Create student entrepreneurs
  • Create awareness about Technology Incubation and Commercialization of R & D products and processes.
  • Promote small and medium industries.